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A group of women at a Pulse Barre Class

New to Barre?

Don't sweat it!

Barre combines classical ballet dance movements and positions with those drawn from yoga and pilates, making for a low impact workout that is great for all bodies. You will focus on small, pulsing movements with emphasis on form, alignment and core engagement to strengthen without stressing muscles. Think of all the calming aspects of yoga and combine them with the fun movements of pilates and dance.

Why join Pulse Barre?

Exercising is more enjoyable in a beautiful environment. Pulse Barre’s studio is a state of the art facility that was professionally designed to offer the best possible experience. This is the place to discover new friends, new workout styles, and a new you.

Enjoy an intense workout in the company of friends in a private class or attend one of our scheduled classes with others.  Either way, Pulse Barre’s beautiful studio is the place for you.

Fall in love with taking
care of yourself:

Mind, Body, & Soul

A Typical Barre Class

Like all the best workouts, our Barre classes all start with a warmup and finish with a good stretch. What happens in the middle depends on your specific class, but this video gives you a general idea of what to expect.

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