Online Classes

Now that we are able to reopen our studio doors, we have new online options for you going forward.

There are six pricing and access options:

Vacation Pass

A one-week access pass to six new videos for $15. These six (equipment free) classes will be taught by all of our instructors and cover a variety of different formats.


This package gives clients access to 16 workout videos each month. They will include a wide variety of formats. Online access does not include our video library. The package costs $45 for one month.

Online VIP

We have recorded more than 175 professional quality workouts! This package includes access to the entire video library, which will grow by 16 each month going forward. Cost is $75 for one month.


Pulse members can take unlimited in-studio classes, but will not have access to online classes.


This package includes not only unlimited in-studio classes but also access to the 16 videos we will produce each month for $30 for one month on top of the contract price.

Member Elite

Our most-exclusive package, this includes not only unlimited in-person classes but also access to the entire video library and the six vacation workouts. Member Elite costs $50 for one month on top of the contract price.


If you are new to our online classes, you don’t need any equipment though weights are recommended. All classes that use the ball, pilates ring, or versa-loop band have modifications.


Your subscription will give you access to our private Vimeo playlist.


Sign up here and you will receive your password via email within 24 hours or before the next session begins.

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